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Business Travel Emergency

Unexpected things happen when you’re traveling. You lose the ability to access the corporate network. A customer sends you an important file, but you can’t open it. Your PDA crashes. Batteries die. Credit cards get stolen or lost. If these or other urgent situations happen to you when you’re on the road, our Business Travel 911 articles can help.

Business Travel 911 articles are available to anyone with Internet access, even if you don’t subscribe to PC Today magazine.* Simply point a browser to www.pctoday.com and click the Business Travel 911 link on the left for a complete menu of helpful articles.

Business Travel 911 articles, including online versions of those printed on the following pages, are updated regularly. For articles that help you when you can’t access the Internet, we suggest you print and take them with you when traveling. If you’re a subscriber and you logged in on the home page, you can use the Print This link at the top of any article for a printer-friendly version.

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