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a private businessman

Many successful business people out there. Only a visionary Bill Gates or Donald Trump bertipe a superstar, and so forth. The following is a businessman personality types:

Visionary, bisnisya all means to build on the vision to the future and filled with thoughts of founders. This type of business people will have the curiosity to high and able to make plans to avoid cooked to a possible risk that intercept. Visionary businessman type, are more likely to believe that his dreams often do not realize that there is a reality. For that, this type of business people must remember that every desire, should be realized with real action. Examples of the type of visionary business people such as Bill Gates, former founder of Microsoft Inc..
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Superstar, means a businessman who has charisma and berenergi high. This type of business the company will build in accordance with their brand image. Businessman is a superstar type of hard worker, or can be workaholic, and tends to be very competitive. For example in the Donald Trump, CEO of Trump Hotels and Casino Resorts.

Healer, a businessman who is strong and able to survive in conditions as any. This type of business people have extraordinary ability with the combination of tranquility in the. This type of business is a healer of a 'healer', and this type of business people become too close to evade reality. For example Ben Cohen, one of the founders of Ben and Jerry Ice Cream.

Hero, this type of business will lead the world and through all kinds can be a challenge. Hero type of business can make a big business company. This type of business people more interfaces and the promise of using tactics to get something that will not last long. This type of business people should realize their ability to lead the company toward success. Examples of this type of business, Jack Welch, CEO of GE.

Analyst, this is the type of business people in overcoming the great problem. This type of business will solve the problem dengsecara systematic, and based on knowledge or technical expertise. Business people with this type should be careful when they kebuntua analysis, and may be able to trust the ability of others to help. For example Gordon Moore, Intel's founders.

Artist, this type of business people have high creativity, and are usually found in the company's advertising, design, and so forth. However, this type of business withdrawn as penyuk other art, and quite a sensitive response to the customers. For example Scott Adams, Dilbert founder.

Fireball, this type of business people will always vibrant and alive in the optimism. This type of business other than enerjik with the behavior of fun, but also tend to have a commitment to become excessive, so too impulsive. For example Malcolm Forbes, founder of Forbes Magazine.

Improver, this type of business people will show their ability to improve that. The nature Improver create a more solid business people and have high integrity in running bisninsnya. However, this type of business people tend to be too critical perfeksionis and terhadapa customers. For example Anita Roddick, founder of The Body Shop.

Advisor, this type of business people prefer to contribute suggestions and ideas for high-level customers. This type of business people will do what's fun for the customer because the customer deems aalah king. However, even this type of business focus with its customers too, so more often ignore their own needs as Entrepreneurs, and even their own exhaustion can be satisfactory if all customers. For example John W. Nordstrom, the founder Nordstorm.