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Some Fun Back in the Bad Name BlackBerry Storm

The company has to bring RIMs the BlackBerry, for now this may appear as a smartphone that can be reliable and able to rival the Apple iPhone. As Storm, BlackBerry, which can have a QWERTY keyboard or a display key SureType. Some of the advantages BlackBerry that is simple and memorable. Types such as BlackBerry Pearl (with a translucent trackball), Flip (with a folding design), Bold (with attractive design and cover from the skin), and the latest, Storm for Verizon.
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However, according to analysis from The New York Times, for the latest edition of BlackBerry, Storm, has several weaknesses, namely, the concept touchscreen that touchscreen iPhone rival, but RIMs have had without making physical keyboard. BlackBerry without the keyboard, but appears as a small iPod without the scroll wheel. The overall effect as the screen click of a mouse button. In addition, there are other weaknesses, especially in the main functions of a BlackBerry for email. With a little soft touch, the user does not get any display case. Only with the touch of the letter will be any in the display.

In conclusion, with the BlackBerry Storm too much 'work', such as typing with a typewriter, which must be pressing hard with each letter. Storm also does not have Wi-Fi. BlackBerry Storm can not use a wireless hotspot for Internet access, such as the iPhone a BlackBerry or other. 3G Internet network, although Verizon already have in many cities in the United States, but is still far from expected. There is also a bug from the Storm reboot the form of a slow and control the non-responsive. However, the presence of RIMs reject the bug.

On the one hand, the excess Storm, Storm, which features excellent, the sound loud and clear phone, also a wide roaming rates. Voice Dialing, a copy-and-paste, Programmable side buttons, a removable battery and a standard headphone jack, including completeness BlackBerry Storm. Although the camera is still loading slowly, but have a good flash, 2x zoom and stabilizer.

When I open a Gmail address, cameras, Storm also does not work, bring to the screen viewfinder, with a view to meet the keyboard is still half the screen. All looked bad, because behind the software that are less good and screen the pains, appears as Storm smartphone with attractive design.


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