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Money....money... adsense google

A lot of people would like to know the success AdSense money formula. The simple formula below is one fundamental formula that you should know.
Money = sum ( [Price Per Click] X [Number of Click] )

Logically speaking, if you want to make more money, you have to either increase the number of clicks or the price per click. If you do one or the other you can make more money from the program.
Make More AdSense Money By Boosting the Number Of Click

Increase the number of clicks on your ads is the most obvious strategy that will make more money for you. There are two ways you can boost the number of click:

1. Getting more traffic for your web site,
2. Make your ads more clickable and position them at the right place.

Getting traffic takes time and efforts. It‘s also a lot of hard work. There are several techniques that you can use to generate more traffic to your web site and hence make more AdSense money. These techniques are:

* Submit your web site to search engine and optimize your web site for search engine.

* Increase link popularity by link exchange, article marketing, directory submission and press release.
* Paid Advertising through classified advertising, banner advertising or search engine advertising.
* Participate in forums/groups related to the content of your web site.
* Add comments to other blogs.

Making your ads more clickable is another way to increase your earnings. It is relatively easy to do because you can adjust your ad format almost immediately. You can do the following adjustments to your ad format to improve your click through rate (CTR):

* Make them more noticeable by positioning your AdSense ads on top of your AdSense page.
* Google states that the most effective ad formats are 336×280 larger rectangle, the 300×250 inline rectangle, and the 160×600 wide skyscraper. However you should choose the best ad format that works for your web site. This requires tracking and testing.
* Create a custom palette that best suites your web site. In general, you can follow the following settings:
o Border color : no border or background color of your website
o Background color : background color of your website
o Link color : color of your links
o URL color : black
o Text color : black or color of your main content

Make More AdSense Money by Targeting the Higher-Paying Keywords

You can create unique, relevant and quality contents that target at the higher-paying keywords to increase your average price per click (CPC). Higher CPC means that you can make more money even the CTR remains unchanged. You should find out which keyword variations for a topic pay more. Often the more specialized variations and phrases pay more than the generic terms.

You can increase your CPC by reducing the occurrence of lower-paying ads. You can use AdSense competitive filter mechanism to filter out the ads that you don’t want to be shown on your web site. It is suggested by others that showing fewer ads on a page will result in higher-paying ads displayed on your web site. A lot of publishers report that they make more Adsense money if they remove ads completely from pages with few or no clicks. Again you have to test whether this strategy works in favor of you or not.

As you can see, it involves a lot of hard work if you want to make extra Google AdSense money. You need to put in your time and effort to make it happen.


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