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Fedora 10 Released With New Feature

Fedora community developers have announced officially from the Fedora 10, a new version of the open source Linux distributions that popular.

Launching this is a step forward from Fedora and is the introduction of new technology that brings the power and usability to the desktop user experience. Fedora 10 was built in the Linux kernel version 2.6.27, which was officially announced in October. This version has 10 improvised webcam compatibility and driver for Atheros wireless ath9k new, and also repair the bug into the default installation of Fedora is 10.

One of the features of siginifikan Fedora 10 is the existence of the PA (Pulse Radio), which is free, available in Fedora 8, to the modern ability to bring Linux and features to control the volume of streaming audio, streaming audio transfer between devices, and streaming audio output to many devices.
In addition, the Fedora 10 also has a utility Network Manager of the new version of the settings used for connectivity Fedora. These features are useful for variations in context, usually used with 3G card if you want to share with other computers via Wi-Fi network.

PackageKit, a management package with a GUI (Graphics User Interface) is a user-friendly and support for manipulating the program to go through D-Bus API, which is integrated in Fedora 10. Fedora has a 10 GStreamer and will automatically install the code when users enter the media format that is not in support. Fedora has come some 10 weeks beyond the time that has been planned, because the server project, Fedora is an infiltration in August conducted by the hacker. That makes the audit extensively and make Fedora developers should take some offline infrastructure that can still be saved. The system then in the after-party backup Fedora confirm that the source code Fedora 10 is not disturbed. Fedora 10 already in the website and Fedora users can download it using BitTorrent


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