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When discussing about the blog, yet most people understand the different variations of the blog. Only because the interface looks the same all the blogs, does not mean that the content is also the same. Here is some variation of this blog.

Political blog (PoliticalBlogs). Political blogs have some form. Forms the most often used is a blogger will make links to news articles from a website and then post their comments. While the other focuses more on the political essay on the topic. In fact, the trend political blog used to do political campaign, in order to try to enter the world of political blogs, such as occurred in the United States presidential election recently.

Personal blog (PersonalBlogs). This blog is generally used to describe an online diary or journal, such as Xanga. Weblog online diary format makes it easy for the user, without the need to have experience in creating, memformta, and posting to the blog entries. Users can write a daily occurrence, complaints, poems, prose, the idea of the mind, and many more, also allow other users to contribute inside.

Blog Business (BussinessBlogs). A blog used by businessmen to promote their business. Often a business blog as a valid action campaign businessmen to provide an overview of the activity back to their business, such as on a personal blog. In some cases, business blogs are also equipped with ads, product sales, or information.

Blog Topic (TopicalBlogs). Blog topic focus more on things that are special. For example, such as the Google blog, or blog soldier or a military blog (milblog). Many blogs allow many categories, where sebauh blog can be changed according to a blog topic willingness users.

Health Blog (HealthBlogs). This blog is written as a personal account of issues of health, various information with other users on health. Category blog in this blog health as a medical blog, which is also divided into two categories. The first type is a blog written by a health professional about their jobs, health news or ideas other users. Then type the next form of patient cases, which allow doctors to enter patient cases to the website. Doctors can also give comments or participate in solving the case.

Key blog (litblog). This blog is a blog that focus on the topic of literature. There are communities in litblog to go where the author can enter various subtopic-related literature or literature. Litblogger can write about the printing industry, articles, fiction, poetry, literature journals, diary readers, criticism, the types of literature such as fiction and mystery.

Travel Blog (TravelBlogs). Many nomadic way of writing them into the paper. With this blog, they can mold the idea, or a variety of images and stories, even when they are Traveling to the world.

Blog Research (ResearchBlogs). This blog combines notes of schools and students to blog notebook personal faslitas discussion with the public. This blog is handling more toward academic-related.

Law Blog (LegalBlogs). This blog is a blog lawyers or students hokum, which found the discussion about the law, so often referred to as' blawgs'. The blawgger can post comments and legal analysis of cases in their blog.

Blog Education (EducationalBlogs). Users of this blog is the students, who learn about the subject matter in a particular blog, when their teachers have the materials to be taught to students using blogs. For example, online courses and homework from teachers to students. The advantage of this blog is students can learn quickly if they missed the class. In addition, teachers can also plan, the material easily, and this blog can help teachers make students learn the conclusion that the results accurately.


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