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Blogger follower

Blog, is not foreign to be heard this era of all-powerful, even almost everyone has a blog, there are only for fraudulent or merely fill time, there is a diary for the side, or even use it to campaign or to online.
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Now there is a new blog platform, a form of social networking Movable Type and WordPress, and this is only a problem of time before Google's Blogger do the same with the networking features socil.

Spencer announced in a blog on Blogger.com this week that when a user will be able to show 'sharer' that they can be 'aggressive', in addition to the bloggers who have become their subscriptions. Features of this option, first must get approval from the owners blog page, about how many people have become their subscriptions through the Blogger blog, which will then be displayed identity of the 'sharer' in the next few weeks.

The problem is the limited for readers to know who are the 'followers of' directly and closely with the Blogger software and members, so that will only reflect some of the followers of the readers. Followers of a widget or gadget has been claiming that there are only 21 of the partaker member of Blogger, not the whole people read blogs, which can create a blog owner can use the smaller space a bit image in the blog that Blogger users.

There is a new tab, called "I'm Following Blogs", Blogger that allow users to keep track customer updates the list in their customer member of Blogger. With the rights of ownership of Google, Blogger is trying to add new features to the next in propertisnya, such as Google Reader, and Google Friend Connect. Meanwhile, a new tab can also be imported into Google Reader


Kristina Dian Safitry said...

fasilitas blogger yg paling menarik.