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Laptops HP Launch First Multi-Touch

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News came from HP's warm, with the launch of a multitouch laptop, the name given TouchSmart tx2, which has a full touchscreen control at the desktop.

Multitouch technology, the laptop will also have the same as that used in the iPhone and other handsets, which has been provided by N-Trig, a creator of the software company in Isarel. In fact, Microsoft has also been using the multitouch technology in their products, called Windows 7, according to the plan will be released in the upcoming 2010.
Ted Clark, Senior Vice President and general manager Notebook Global Business Unit HP, revealed that by playing to the website and click it here or video images, using only the fingers, is a new step to enjoy digital content in a notebook PC. With the introduction of laptop TouchSmart tx2, HP has been providing convenience to users, the features of the user interaction with a PC laptop, they are more natural, and the touchscreen innovation.
Fingertip control of the HP TouchSmart notebook tx2 facilitate users to facilitate the object around the screen, to shrink or expand, open or close the application with a finger tap. Notebooks HP TouchSmart tx2 also present with the controller to supply the pen mouse and keyboard. Notebooks with display size of 12.1 inch, 1200x800 pixels resolution, which is equipped with a 2.1GHz AMD processor dual core Turion and Windows Vista. However, the price is quite expensive laptop that is about $ 1,149.

HP TouchSmart tx2 have a weight 5 pounds, plus a digital pen ink rechargeable, LED Brightview with 12.1 inch diagonal size, and a remote control. HP TouchSmart tx2, a thin notebook that serves as a laptop, and can be considered as a tablet and multitouch display. Notebooks HP TouchSmart tx2 can be used by using two fingers or with the stylus, graphics card ATI Radeon HD 3200, 8GB of RAM, and also a webcam


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